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GAMMELGAARD Niels architect; f. 20/3 1944 in Copenhagen; son of professor surgeon, dr. med. Peter Arne Gammelgaard (died 1983 see Blue Book 1983) and wife doctor Ellen G. f. Hammersholt (died 1983)

Married to Sille Jarner daughter of photographer Sisse Jarner and journalist Palle Buus Jensen (died 2014)

Student (Øregård Gymn.) 1963; graduated from the Royal. Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Department. of Industrial Design (Professor Erik Herløw) 1970; co-owner of BOX 25 architects from 1969 (college Sofiegården 1973 “Kvarter” lamp for Louis Poulsen A / S 1976);

Associated Ikea International A /S 1975-2005

Co-owner of Pelikan Design 1978-2005 (with Lars Mathiesen), awarded the ID Prize in 1980 for Rabo playground equipment on wheels; has designed furniture for eg Fritz Hansen A / S, Bent Krogh A / S, Frederica a / s, Erik Jørgensen a / s, Tranekær Furniture a / s, DUBA a / s, Fora form a / s, Matteo Grassi spa and Cappellini spa.

Have designed interiors for all 112 Copenhagen cityt trains for DSB 1996

Has designed children's bicycles for Winther Factories a / s, tank cleaning equipment for Toftejorg a / s and part owner of Penta Design 1984-87, the design of electronic servicework sations in all Danish post offices.

Has after 2005 among others work with factories in Australia, China and Vietnam, but first and foremost with Conform collection ab, Sits Sp.Zo.o., Magnus Olesen A / S, Woodmark International Ltd,  Michael Strads design Ltd.

Awarded the prize in international bike competition in Japan in 1973; 2nd prize in the Louis Poulsen & Co. A / S 'Ideas Competition 1976; 1st prize in the Danish Furniture Industry architectural 1978; ID Prize in 1980, 1991 and 1996; Scan-Prize 1984; Excellent Swedish Form 8 times; Upholstered Furniture Design Award Europe 1993; Furniture Award 1993; The 1996 Brunel Award for Outstanding Visual Design in Public Railway Design; Rote Punkte für Hohe Designqualität 3 times. Danish Design Council Annual Award 1998 and The Danish Design Prize 2008/09 Classics Prize for Rabo Trik first

Granted: scholarship from Christian Nielsen's Fund 1975; grant from the Danish National Bank Jubilee Fund 1975

Address: Guldbergs Plads 16, 2200 Copenhagen N Denmark

Address: Guldbergs Plads 16, 2200 Copenhagen N Denmark

Summer: Kvarnby 161, 276 36 Borrby Sweden

Summer: Kvarnby 161, 276 36 Borrby Sweden